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"Marti’s Place is a wonderfully nurturing environment. Marti and her staff provide loving, attentive care as any parent would. They understand the need to diversify activities and toys and get outside throughout the day and week. They maintain consistent boundaries and guidance for the children, giving them the needed security to play, explore, and grow. The depth of Marti’s experience is evident in her connection with children and the professionalism of her business. After having three children grow up at Marti’s, we highly recommend Marti’s Place!"

Jenn & Scott

"I would highly recommend Marti's Place to anybody looking for a nurturing and caring daycare environment for their child. This dynamic team of caregivers provides kids with developmentally appropriate and engaging activities throughout the day - every day - and I LOVE that the kids get to play outside and take walks (weather permitting) on a year-round basis. Marti, Angela, Hillary, and the rest of the staff are compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive in every aspect of their work, and I could not be happier with my daughter's experience there. Thank you for everything you have done for our family, Marti!"

Noelle & Aaron

"As 1st time parents, there is nothing more frightening than leaving your newborn with someone else. Marti's place was the answer we were looking for. From day one, our son absolutely loved the kids and more importantly, the staff. Most important to us, neurotic, freaked out new parents, we felt comfortable and safe leaving our son. We haven't even left him with our parents yet (at 1 year old), but we totally trust Marti, Angela, Hillary and the rest of the team with our son. It feels like family."

Kimberlee & Tyler
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Marti Fry, owner